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Nevertheless is a Māori, Pasifika and Takatāpui Rainbow+ mental health non-profit organisation. We are a registered Charity and Charitable Trust that exists to support the holistic well-being of individuals, whānau and aiga who are Takatāpui or Pasifika Rainbow+ communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create safe spaces for Māori and Pasifika Rainbow+ peoples to be free to be heard, free to be seen and free to be their full authentic selves without denying any part of their holistic identity out of shame or stigma.

Our Vision

Our vision is to disrupt shame and stigma with authenticity, truth and love.Manioroseeks to disrupt toxic narratives and harmful stereotypes using reflection, celebration, creativity, and education as tools of disruption.  We acknowledge the contradicting beliefs some of our Māori and Pasifika people may hold about rainbow communities. Nevertheless, we are committed to enlightening and educating our whānau & aiga on our experiences as individuals and as a collective.

Mental Health & Self-love

Nevertheless initially started in 2021 as a small apparel business that has transformed into a registered Charity in 2023. Our original vision was to redefine the way people view and validate themselves through apparel with affirmations such as, “You are loved”, "You are enough", "You are Worthy". Each design was intentionally reversed to encourage the wearer to look in the mirror and validating themselves rather than relying on external sources of validation.

We started Nevertheless to raise awareness around Mental Health in an effort to destigmatize conversations and reduce suicide rates amongst our Māori and Pasifika peoples. Our desire to shed light on Mental Health has always been fueled by our own personal experiences of navigating the dichotomy of sexuality and religion whilst acknowledging our cultural values. 

Creating Safe Spaces

Since the inception of Nevertheless, we have since been asked to deliver workshops, consult around intersectionality, and speak in various corporate and community settings. Nevertheless naturally evolved into a charity where our focus is now on creating safe spaces for not only Māori, Pasifika and Rainbow+ individuals but also our whānau, aiga and communities to have the chance to be educated through hearing real life stories and understanding the unique experiences of being Māori, Pasifika, and Rainbow+.

Manioro: to disrupt

We recognised the gaping holes of holistic support for our Māori and Pasifika people who are part of the Rainbow+ community as well as whānau & aiga.  So, in response to the scarce support for specifically Māori and Pasifika Rainbow+ communities, we developed a kaupapa called Manioro. Manioro seeks to disrupt toxic narratives and challenge unhealthy stereotypes surrounding our communities. We achieve this through delivering educational and creative workshops for whānau and communities while increasing the visibility of our Māori and Pasifika Rainbow+ peoples through storytelling, cultural performances and panel discussions.

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